Wednesday, November 9, 2011

November Postings

For the month of November we have 4 team members creating a hang tag for a weekly posting. The members for this month is Carol, Debbie, Charity and Dee.

Charity has posted her tag on her blog, she did a great job and I love the different colors in the fall foliage. I hope you can stop by and share her some love

Debbie, I love your tag, you really did a great job. Love the size and everything that you added to it, thumbs up.

Carol, I just love your tag, you created a vintage tag and added the feathers to her hair. Great job.

Theme: Fall
Challenge: Feathers

If anyone feels like taking a challenge on this months postings please feel free to do so. You can send me your photo of your tag to If anyone is interested I just want to let you know that your tag will be posted by me, but there will be no decision on a winner until the end of the month.

 The 3rd team members tag is from Charity, please visit her at her shop and share the love.

So the second team members tag is from Debbie, please visit her at her shop and share the love.

So the first team members tag is from Carol, please visit her at her shop and share the love.

Stop by next week to see what I will create as my tag.


  1. Your tag is so beautiful! Love the gems with feathers on the dress. It is so elegant. Thanks for sharing. Edwina Brown

  2. Beautiful! I love both of your projects.

  3. Rachelle these 2 tags above have been created by Carol and Debbie. As each of us complete our projects you will post them on your blog to hopefully get more traffic to your blogs. I put them on the DT Blog to promote all the members of the team and hopefully get some more traffic to the DT also. Have a great night.